Your choice can stop tailpipe emissions

Exter believes in #exit_pollution and #enter_healing_earth.

Exter is founded to accelerate EV adoption and achieve zero tailpipe emissions.

The reason it began - Save Earth, One EV at a time

“exter” is the brand name of Pravit Tech Labs Private Limited. It is derived from the first two letters of 'exit pollution' and the final three letters of 'enter healing earth' 

Exter believes in conscious action towards healing earth. 

Exter's vision is to build a conscious society for  you to confidently choose electric two-wheeler as a preferred mobility choice, and we're committed to making that a reality for you. With a love for the environment and a passion for automobiles, we chose to develop a solution that could accelerate the adoption of electric scooters because of the significant advantages they offer, like zero tailpipe emissions and efficient power delivery.

We are your neighbouring battery swapping service. Take your first step today for a cleaner and greener future!

Meet the Team : The Brain and Heart of exter


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Meet the founding members of Exter. Abhilash DV and Preetham Hegde established Pravit Tech Labs Private Limited (exter). They strive to listen to consumers and understand their demands, everyday. In October 2020, exter was incorporated to "Save Earth, One EV at a time".

Beyond their technical expertise, they advocate for sustainability and clean energy. They firmly believe that EVs are not just vehicles but catalysts for a greener, more sustainable future. Through their tireless efforts, our company has become a symbol of eco-consciousness and a beacon of hope for a world free from fossil fuel dependency.


Co-founder & CEO

Preetham Hegde  

Preetham is a passionate software engineer who enjoys  finding solutions to practical issues.  He is the brain behind the software and Internet of Things (IoT) technology needed for Exter.  He has built Exter into a fast expanding company with a strong focus on emerging technologies.

Co-founder & COO

Abhilash DV  

Being an automobile enthusiast troubleshooting and reassembling petrol engines from the age of 16, he had applied for a patent in electric motors used in electric scooters while in his engineering college days. He is the trailblazer who commits to excellence and the pursuit of perfection at exter.