Customised Battery Swapping service

for your electric two wheeler delivery fleet

Battery as Service for Your Fleet

  • Drive electric with exter anywhere, anytime! Customise your swapping requirements with exter.

  • We provide wide range of battery variants which can be tailored for your fleet requirements. Quality and quantity assured.
  • Battery swapping infrastructure made available across your city. Simply swap and keep your fleet going without any restrictions.

  • From city roads to highways, we ensure you can swap quick and be range anxiety free with ever growing wide network of swapping points.

Why choose exter overconventional methods

Conventional Vehicle Charging

  • Long charging queue
  • Charge, charge and charge
  • Heavy battery replacement cost
  • Build charging infrastructure
  • Maintain fleet charge

exter Battery Swapping

  • Zero charging queue
  • No Charge - Just swap and go
  • Free from battery replacement cost
  • Swapping points available anytime
  • Readily charged batteries to keep your fleet riding

Ready to collaborate with exter? 

Avail our excellent services to make your delivery fleet undefeated. Scale and grow with exter swapping network.